Running competition

Dear Guests,

We would like to inform you that a running competition will be held in the city during this weekend (2016.09.24-25). Because of the event we will have some changes in our routes.

These changes are the following on the 24th September:
Red line: it will NOT go to stop nr. 6 ( Andrássy Avenue), stop nr. 7 (Opera), and stop nr. 8 (Liszt Ferenc square)
Yellow line: it will NOT go to stop nr. 24 (Jókai square), and stop nr. 1(Andrássy avenue)

On the 25th of September we will have temporary road closures so we expect delays and also we will not be able to use some of our stops.

For further information please contact our sales representatives, our host/hostess collegues and our office!

We are terribly sorry for any inconvenience!

The Giraffe Hopon-Hopoff Team